The Phenom is a reintroduction of the foundations of basketball. We will give middle school, high school, and college athletes a chance to be seen and mentored in a way that will be crucially beneficial to their careers. The program will include various intentional areas of focus that will help motivate and keep every player who becomes a Phenom Player on track for the next level.
A Phenom Athlete is any middle school, high school, or college player interested in changing their basketball career. 
The Phenom was created to give opportunities to athletes so they can learn what is important at the beginning and the end of their careers. A platform that is unique and designed to help improve their talent from within. The Phenom is not just about training, it's about understanding who you are as an Athlete and a professional. Our training is something that will not only physically bring out your talent but highlight who you are as a person. The Phenom will help bring out the better versions of who you are... even if basketball is not the end game.
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