The Postseason will focus on expanding the built-in habits from the preseason to the end of the regular season. 


Players in high school looking to venture into college will be given tools to prepare for the journey including a list of schools, college recruitment prep, etiquette, GPA monitoring, FASFA prep, and custom-made digital player business cards. College players who are looking for professional opportunities will get the tools necessary to become the best version of themselves possible. we will assist them with the recruitment process, advice from pro coaches and trainers, and digital player business cards.


This part of the program teams up our players with veteran NBA/WNBA/overseas players. They will learn the key aspects of teamwork as the players are educated on what it takes to make it to their level. 

We will put together a short tournament for players focused on the LGBTQ youth, giving them their chance to be pros. The tournament will be 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 and will last for a weekend. Included is a meet and greet with WNBA stars and vets. and a festival of celebration.
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